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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to dispute a bcbstx claim?

Claim Dispute. Within 180 days following the check date/date of the BCBSTX-Explanation of Payment (EOP), or the date of the BCBSTX Provider Claims Summary (PCS), for the claim in dispute. BCBSTX will complete the 1st claim review within 45 days following the receipt of your request for a 1st claim review.

How do I submit out-of-network claims to bcbstx?

When you get care from in-network providers, they submit claims to BCBSTX for you. If you see an out-of-network provider, you may need to submit claims yourself for reimbursement. Out-of-network claims for both medical and mental health services can be submitted through your Blue Access for Members participant portal:

What is a claim review form bcbstx?

Claim Review Form This form is only to be used for review of a previously adjudicated claim. Original Claims should not be attached to a review form. Do not use this form to submit a Corrected Claim or to respond to an Additional Information request from BCBSTX. Submit only one form per patient.

Where do I Send my Blue Cross and blue shield claims?

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas - Claims PO Box 660044 Dallas, TX 75266-0044 Note: For mental health claims for services prior to September 1, 2020, under the HealthSelect of Texas® and Consumer Directed HealthSelectSM plans, send the Magellan Claims Form to:

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