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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit an appeal to bcbstx?

Availity ® – Submit Claims Appeal Form Online Log into the Availity Provider Portal, select Payer Spaces from the top navigation menu and select BCBSTX. Within BCBSTX-branded Payer Spaces, select the Applications tab and click the BCBSTX Medicaid Provider Appeal Request Form.

How do I appeal a Blue Cross and blue shield decision?

You can mail your appeal request form to: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas Attn: Complaints and Appeals Department PO Box 660717

Where do I send Blue Cross and blue shield of Texas claims?

If a provider must file a paper claim, mail claim to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas P.O. Box 660044 Dallas, TX 75266-0044: Claim review submission address. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas P.O. Box 660044 Dallas, TX 75266-0044 Request for claim review form and instructions: Availity ®

How long does it take to review a bcbstx claim?

Within 180 days following the check date/date of the BCBSTX-Explanation of Payment (EOP), or the date of the BCBSTX Provider Claims Summary (PCS), for the claim in dispute. BCBSTX will complete the 1st claim review within 45 days following the receipt of your request for a 1st claim review.

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