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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bank of America Virtual Services Portal?

An electronic platform offered by BofA Securities that allows Institutional clients to trade-syndicated loans. The firm hosts matching sessions in which clients can bid or offer loans on either side of a mid-market price for a fixed commission.

How do I login to my Bank of America account?–of-america-login Download the Bank of America app from Google Play or iTunes. Open the app. Enter your online ID and passcode. Click “Sign In.”.

What is the customer service number for Bank of America?

Bank of America provides a wide range of services for your banking needs. Call 1-800-432-1000 or try any of the other phone numbers listed by department and topic on the bank’s website. Customer Service agents are typically available: Schedule an appointment by signing into Bank of America Online.

What are the changes that Bank of America is making on DTS B2BI services for SFTP connections?

Bank of America is making changes on DTS B2BI services for SFTP connections to further enhance security. We are upgrading our SSH host keys, MAC algorithms & Ciphers, A date will be communicated shortly.

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