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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission mission of Average Average Joe archesd arched?

The mission of Average Joes Archery is to introduce, educate, and equip people for the sport of archery. As part of this mission, we offer archery group classes and individual lessons. Our professional staff has years of archery experience as well as certified training to provide the best learning experience possible.

How long is an archery class?

This 3 hour class starts with about an hour of instruction including archery and equipment basics, archery history, range safety, and etiquette. Then we move to the range for a bow fitting and shooting instruction and we conclude with about an hour of open shooting with instructors on hand to offer guidance.

What is the archery range?

The archery facility was originally created as a training ground for Olympic archers in 1983. The range is open seven days a week, from sunrise to sunset. There is a partially enclosed shorter range of 18 meters, and another open long range that is 90 meters.

What is good shot archery?

The archery range at Good Shot Archery itself is an indoor range, on the smaller side with five lanes in total. Good Shot Archery offers two different types of classes for beginners, one for those who are interested in traditional bows, and one for those who are interested in compound bows.

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