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Who is an example of an average Joe?

On television, examples of "average Joes" include Doug Heffernan ( King of Queens ), Alan Harper ( Two and a Half Men) and Homer Simpson ( The Simpsons ). In the film Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, the protagonist, Peter, owns a gym for those who do not want an intensive workout, and the patrons of the gym are all somewhat overweight.

How much money does the average Joe make?

This means that the average Joe earns roughly $32,000 a year, lives in a household with an income of $46,000 with $24,000 of gross annual income per member. [11] Personal income changes considerably over the life-time of the average American, from $28,000 at age 25 to about $42,000 at the age of 65.

What does Joe Blow mean?

: an average or ordinary man "When you're an athlete and you do something bad, it's out of proportion," [Michael] Moorer said. "The average Joe Blow walking down the street gets in trouble, you never hear about it."

What social class is the average Joe?

Average Joe. In terms of social class, the average American may be described as either being middle or working class. As social classes lack distinct boundaries the average American may have a status in the area where the lower middle and upper working class overlap. Overall the average American, age 25 or older,...

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