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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find affordable rental housing near me?

If you have a low income and need affordable rental housing, government programs may help. Public housing agencies use federal funds to run housing programs locally, working with building owners to subsidize rent for eligible people. The government gives some property owners money to provide low-rent apartments. Apply at a property’s rental office.

What are the best apartments in Los Angeles?

Top 10 Apartments in Los Angeles nVe Fairfax, Studio - 2 Bed, $2,760 - 4,885 El Centro Apartments and Bungalows, Studio - 2 Bed, $2,408 - 5,555 HWH Luxury Living, Studio - 3 Bed, $2,235 - 13,206 The Commodore of Hollywood, Studio - 1 Bed, $2,075 - 3,495 The Medici, Studio - 3 Bed, $1,949 - 5,514 eaves Los Feliz, 1-2 Bed, $2,050 - 2,962

What types of rental properties are available through affordable housing programs?

Public housing is state-owned, affordable rental houses or apartments. It's intended for families with low incomes, seniors, and people with disabilities. Found nationwide, public housing comes in all sizes and types, from single-family houses to high-rise apartments.

What kind of property can I rent?

You can rent an apartment, townhouse, or single-family home. The property must meet health and safety standards. Your voucher amount is based on your income, family composition, and local housing costs.

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