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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change the file extension of Autodesk download manager?

Note: Some web browsers may change the file extension (e.g. Google Chrome may replace .exe to .zip, IE may replace it with some numbers), so after downloading the Autodesk Download Manager installer, change the file extension to .exe and double click on it to install. Was this information helpful?

What is Autodesk application manager?

The Autodesk Application Manager enables Autodesk products to be downloaded directly. Download Autodesk Application Manager Installer AdApplicationManager-installer.exe (exe - 41575Kb)

Why can't I download Autodesk download manager?

The Download Now method of installation from the Autodesk account is not working because the Download Manager is not installing. Where can I download the installer for the Autodesk Download Manager? This can be caused by a browser security setting or a firewall/proxy server in your environment.

How do I download Autodesk products?

To download products, sign in to Autodesk Account or your education site. To download a free trial, visit Autodesk free trials. If you have an active trial, you can download your trial product from Autodesk Account. To check your trial status, see Active Trials. Under All Products and Services, find your product.

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