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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Autodesk App Manager do?

What is Autodesk App Manager? The Autodesk App Manager is an online resource where you can browse and purchase Apps (including product-specific content such as models, training materials, and eBooks) – and is available to several Autodesk Products. You can download some items for free, and some for a price.

What are the benefits of the Autodesk Desktop App?

Autodesk desktop app simplifies the install experience on your Windows system. Autodesk Account is where administrators and users can access and manage all of their products, people and payments. All Autodesk products and services are subject to the applicable Autodesk terms of service.

What is the Autodesk Desktop App?

The Autodesk desktop app is a desktop component that is installed with Microsoft Windows-based Autodesk products (2017 and later). It delivers product updates, new releases, and security patches to subscribers. (NOTE that it is not available for Mac operating systems.)

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