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Frequently Asked Questions

How many states and territories in Australia?

Important notes x Australia is made of of 6 states and many territories, most of which are islands. This quiz includes 6 states and 2 territories: the Northern Territory, and the Australian Capital Territory. For more information, see this listing of the states and territories of Australia on Wikipedia .

How well do you know Australia's territories?

Coming in with no knowledge of Australia, one could figure out Western, Northern and South pretty quick, Tasmania's pretty well known, and the Capital Territory sounds like a small... territory... around the Capital. Remembering which of the remaining 3 on the east are which is a tad harder. (Not much, but a tad). True.

How do I fill in the blank map of Australia?

Fill in the blank map of Australia by clicking the name of each highlighted state or territory.

What are the three least known States in Australia?

Interesting how the three most populous states - NSW, Victoria and Queensland - are the three least guessed. South - West - North everybody can guess but those not acquainted with Australia may not know the other states as well.

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