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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you fill out an Army Award Form?

To fill out the DA 638 form, you will need your information, the information of the soldier you will be recommending for a reward, additional advocate for the awarding, and information regarding the reward itself. Your name, title/position, rank, address, relationship to the awardee, and signature

What is the purpose of the Army Award Form?

The DA 638 form is issued by the Department of Army used to recommend a soldier for a type of reward or recognition within the United States Army. Can I fill out the DA 638 form? If you wish to recommend a certain soldier within the United States Army for a certain type of reward, then you are eligible to fill out the DA 638 form.

How do you write a citation for an Army award?

First, you will be needing the soldier’s name. Place this at the box labeled “4.” in the format of last name, first name, and then middle initial. Following this, put the soldier’s current rank. Finally, for this line, place the soldier’s Social Security Number (SSN). In the next line, place the soldier’s organization.

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