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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Arizona log & Timberworks?

Arizona Log & TimberWorks is committed to building unmatched partnerships with customers, delivering high quality products, and constructing a more sustainable environment.

Where can I build a log home in Arizona?

Some Of Our Favorite Arizona Locations for Log and Timber Homes: Flagstaff. Located in Northern Arizona, you can find Native American Reservations and access to the Grand Canyon. Lake Powell is not far away either. Flagstaff could be a great location for your custom log home or timber frame home.

What is timtimber framing and how does it work?

Timber framing involves meticulously joining and fitting squared-off timber to build the structural framework of a building. The process requires careful planning and precision in framing measurements and intersections and requires a reliable partner in the field. This article showcases the top timber frame builders across the country.

Why choose Arizona custom builders?

Arizona is a perfect place for unique and marvelous buildings with its scenic vistas and large expanses of dry, flat land. DC Builders has the tools, the knowledge, and the expertise to design a custom structure that perfectly complements the American Southwest.

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