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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose SCS tile Tucson?

SCS Tile has the largest variety in selection and in-stock material, including tile, granite and quartz countertops, and mosaics in Tucson! We specialize in the quality installation for all of our products including stone, tile, mosaics, and granite or quartz countertops!

What's new at Arizona tile?

Nature, technology and design continue to deliver new looks and innovative features. Check out the newest additions to the Arizona Tile product line hand-picked by our tile, stone and quartz experts. Continue your indoor tile to your exterior living spaces with the R11 Anti-Slip finish.

Where can I buy granite countertops in Tucson?

SCS Tile carries the largest variety of Granite and Quartz countertops in Tucson! We learn something about our customers' needs everyday.

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