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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Disney movies on VHS worth money?

Now, in the case of Disney VHS movies, most tapes aren’t worth much money unfortunately. However, Disney VHS tapes with a Black Diamond on the spine of the tape box can be more valuable. This is because the Black Diamond signifies a tape is one of the first VHS tapes Disney sold and came out between 1984 and 1994.

What VHS movies are valuable?

Here’s a quick recap of the 15 most expensive VHS tapes:Frankenstein’s Castle of FreaksThe Beast In HeatThe Legend of Hillbilly JohnJourney Into The BeyondCelestineDon’t Open the WindowLemora, Lady DraculaAfrica AddioThe Flesh EatersThe Black Decameron

How much are your Disney VHS tapes really worth?

It stands to reason these factors and more could lead to Disney VHS tapes in mint condition being among the most valuable Disney tapes in the world. Generally speaking, an old VHS tape is probably worth less than $1, and among the VHS video tapes that actually find a buyer online $25 or less is common.

What are the most valuable Disney VHS tapes?

Anything still factory sealed sells for a premiumDisney’s Very Merry Christmas Sing Along Songs in Clamshell (Blue Tape) – Sold for $33.83My Date With the President’s Daughter – Sold for $65Sleeping Beauty 1997 – Sold for $24.97Song of the South (Made in England) – Sold for $84.95Model Behavior – Sold for $29.99More items...

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