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Frequently Asked Questions

Is glutamic acid and glutamine the same thing?

Glutamic acid, also known as glutamate, is an example of a nonessential amino acid. Glutamine is another nonessential amino acid, though it is conditional under certain circumstances. Though they sound the same, they are different. The amino acids glutamic acid and glutamine are also sometimes confused with glutathione.

Is it healthy to take glutamine?

When taken by mouth: Glutamine is LIKELY SAFE for most adults when taken by mouth in doses up to 40 grams daily. Side effects are generally mild and may include bloating, nausea, dizziness, heartburn, and stomach pain. Some people find the grittiness of glutamine in water to be unpleasant when taken by mouth.

Should I take glutamine?

Summary: Glutamine supplements are ideal for those who go for prolonged sessions of an intense workout as they help the body to recover and reduce muscle ache. The best time to take glutamine supplements depends upon your activity level and schedule.

Should I take BCAA or glutamine?

Therefore, if you really have to choose between the glutamine supplement and the BCAA supplement, then the latter will be a better choice. Summary: Even though both are available from food, additional BCAAs, and glutamine supplements can support your fitness plan. Glutamine is also made in the body.

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