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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a land grant?

There is an application form that one has to fill that is obtainable from the Ministry of Lands. The completed form, along with the relevant accompanying documents, is submitted to the office of the respective Provincial Chief Land Officer, Department of Lands, Land Reform and Resettlement.

Who can apply for the Zimbabwe farming scheme?

2. The Scheme is open to all citizens of Zimbabwe, be they in public or private sector including women, war veterans, former detainees and restrictees and disabled persons. 3. Applicants who provide proof of availability and/or ability to mobilise adequate resources to support the proposed farming programme will have an added advantage.

What are the different types of farms in Zimbabwe?

In this article, however, I shall be focusing on applying for farms or farmland. There are 4 broad types of farms in Zimbabwe namely, large scale commercial, small scale commercial, old resettlement schemes, and communal lands.

How many land holdings are allowed per application form?

A choice of only one land holding is permitted per application form. Schedule I details the recommended farm sizes. 5. Sections A, B and C must be completed in full by the applicant. 6. Sections D, E, F and G are for office use only. 7.

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