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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Apis mellifica used to treat?

It is known to be very effective to treat skin allergies, urticaria (raised itchy bumps on skin from an allergic reaction), bee sting, urinary infection and joint swelling. The ‘Apis Mellifica’ Constitution This medicine is suited to people who have sensitive skin and are prone to suffering from skin allergies and skin rash.

How to use Apis mellifica for menstrual syndrome?

Females having premenstrual syndrome are also greatly helped with this medicine. To use it in PMS the symptoms to look for are irritability, sensitivity of mind, and water retention. Use of Apis Mellifica is indicated in a tincture of 30 potency. It can be taken two to three times a day in 30 potency in case of acute complaints.

What are the signs and symptoms of Apis mellifera in humans?

General signs of the use of Apis mellifera in dermatology are: edema associated with itching, with improved cold Suggestive signs ear, nose and throat and ophthalmology are:. The edema improved by cold possibly associated with fever without thirst. Apis 9 or 15 CH always give reliable results.

Is it safe to take Rhus Tox after Apis mellifica?

Rhus Tox is inimical and should not be used before or after Apis Mellifica. Antidote medicines are Carbolic Acid, Cantharis, Lachesis, and Ledum Pal as they neutralize the action of Apis.

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