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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between API 602 and API 603 gate valves?

This standard includes requirements forbellows seal gate valves. In 150, 300 and 600 class API 602 requires a heavier wall than ANSI B16.34 API 603 Cast, Corrosion – Resistant, Flanged-End Gate Valves

What are the API standards for valves and equipments?

List of API Standards for Valves and Equipments Sr. Number Title 1 API 526 Flanged Steel Pressure-Relief Valves 2 API 560 Fired Heaters for General Refinery Servi ... 3 API 594 Wafer and Wafer-Lug Check Valves 4 API 599 Metal Plug Valves 19 more rows ...

What is the difference between globe valves and gate valves?

The installation of this type of valve creates a modest pressure drop in the pipeline, lower than globe valves. Gate valves have forged bodies for bore sizes below 2 inches (API 602/BS 5352), and cast bodies for larger sizes (API 600, API 603, API 6D). Gate valves are on-off valves to open and close the flow of the fluid in a pipeline.

What are the different types of gate valves?

This is the most common type, covered by the API 600 (carbon and alloy steel) and API 603 (stainless steel and higher grades) specifications. Cast steel gate valves are available in sizes above 2 inches, and up to 80 inches. Forged steel valves are used for small bore piping, generally below 2 inches in diameter.

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