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Frequently Asked Questions

How to afford a NYC apartment?

How To Afford Living In NYC And Other Expensive Cities Housing: Know your priorities. Renting will likely be your biggest expense. ... Transportation: Walk, ride, bike or carpool. If you really want to save, do NOT bring a car. ... Daily spending: Keep a record. One great thing about a big city is the abundance of choice. ... Food: Plan meals ahead of time. ...

What is the average rent for an apartment?

Nationally, the median rent in 2019 for a one-bedroom apartment was about $1,060 and about $1,315 for a two-bedroom apartment. The three most expensive places to rent were Washington, D.C., at an average price for a one-bedroom apartment of $2,516; Massachusetts at $2,218; and Hawaii at $1,880.

How do you find a house to rent?

Use social networks to inquire about houses for rent. Ask your trusted contacts for information about rental properties in certain areas. Get details, such as the locations, property descriptions, and the monthly rates for rental houses. Get the landlord's name and contact information for properties that might meet your needs.

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