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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you reference a webpage using APA style?

When individual author (s) are credited on the webpage, list them as the author in the reference.Provide as specific a date as possible for the webpage.Some online works note when the work was last updated. ...Do not include a date of last review in a reference because content that has been reviewed has not necessarily been changed. ...More items...

How do you cite a website using APA style?

For a page on a government website without individual authors, use the specific agency responsible for the webpage as the author.The names of parent agencies not present in the author element appear in the source element (in the example, U.S. ...Provide as specific a date as possible for the webpage.More items...

How to cite properly APA?

In-text citations and full referencesIn-text citations. In-text citations often appear in parentheses, specifying the author’s last name and sometimes (depending on the citation style) a year or page number.Full references. References are usually listed at the end of the paper on a page called References, Works Cited, or Bibliography.Using a citation generator. ...

How to cite a report in APA style?

Author nameDate published. Either year (2020) or year, month day (2020, February 14)Title of the work (in sentence case)Associated number (if applicable). Examples: Report No. ...Work description (if needed). Examples: [Grant], [Policy brief], [Press release]Publisher nameDOI or URL (if applicable). DOi would be formatted as

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