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Frequently Asked Questions

What is antimicro and how do I use it?

So, thank you for your patience as we settle in. And a special thank you to the following GitHub users who have helped us make the transition: antimicro is a graphical program used to map keyboard keys and mouse controls to a gamepad. This program is useful for playing PC games using a gamepad that do not have any form of built-in gamepad support.

How do I build a 64 bit version of antimicro?

64 bit build Some additional steps are required in order to compile a 64 bit version of antimicro. You will have to manually create a new Kit in Qt Creator. After creating a new kit in Qt Creator, bring up the "Build Settings" page for the project. Perform a clean on the project or delete the build directory that CMake is using.

Is antimicro still supported?

AntiMicro was not been actively maintained since around 2017, the last release is from 2016. Currently, development continues on another fork of this app called AntiMicroX. That version is still supported, it receives new features (like gyroscope support) and bug fixes.

Does antimicro work in Windows XP?

At the time of writing this, antimicro works in Windows XP but, since Windows XP is no longer supported, running the program in Windows XP will not be officially supported. However, efforts will be made to not intentionally break compatibility with Windows XP. Also, FreeBSD support will be minimal for now.

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