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Frequently Asked Questions

Can humans survive in Antarctica?

Despite being the coldest and most brutal environment on the planet, a surprisingly large number of human beings have managed to "live" in Antarctica. The increasing dangers of climate change have made studies in Antarctica increasingly important, so the majority of these "Antarcticans" are scientists, but not all of them.

How big is Antarctica compared to Australia?

How Big is Antarctica Compared to Australia? Australia is the smallest continent at 7.692 million km² compared to Antarctica which is the 5 th biggest continent at 14.2 million km2. Antarctica is 1.85 times bigger than Australia. How Big is Antarctica Compared to the World? The total surface area of Earth is 510.1 million km².

Why are we not allowed to go to Antarctica?

Unless you’re an elite scientist or an emperor penguin, in an effort to protect the area’s biodiversity, regular folk are forbidden to explore the antarctic. Even if you could, good luck overcoming the frostbite-inducing temperatures of nearly -130 degrees Fahrenheit (-90 C).

How much people live in Antarctica?

As you might imagine, Antarctica has a very small population. Around 4,400 people live in Antarctica during the summer. In the winter, the population of Antarctica falls to around 1,100. The population of Antarctica consists of scientists, researchers, and their support staff.

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