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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Antarctica losing or gaining ice?

While the interior of East Antarctica is gaining land ice, overall Antarctica has been losing land ice at an accelerating rate. Antarctic sea ice is growing despite a strongly warming Southern Ocean.

What lies beneath Antarctica's ice?

One of these terra incognita is the land beneath Antarctica's ice sheets. Buried under kilometres of ice is a fascinating realm of canyons, waterways and lakes, which is only now being mapped in detail. There are more than 400 known lakes in this harsh environment, and more are being discovered as technology advances.

Is Antarctica a giant iceberg?

The floating mass is bigger than Rhode Island and covers an area more than 70 times that of Manhattan. The world’s largest iceberg, dubbed A-76, has calved from Antarctica. This animation shows the giant slab of ice breaking off from the Ronne Ice Shelf, lying in the Weddell Sea, on May 13.

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