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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mystery of Antarctica?

Mystery of Antarctica: One of the most compelling mysteries about our changing planet over the past five years has been the sudden and dramatic drop in ice surrounding Antarctica. Prior to 2015, the ice that encased the frozen continent defied expectations and bucked the trend of other cold environments around the planet by actually growing in ...

Why does Antarctica look so big?

This happens because the earth is round,and a map is flat. If we take a ball’s outer layer and spread it out flat it gets crumpled at the ends. The same happens with maps and Greenland looks much bigger than Africa though it isn’t. The same goes for Antarctica. Its because of the projection type used to depict the earth surface.

What is the truth about Antarctica?

The truth is that expeditions to Antarctica are nearly impossible, extremely costly, and very dangerous. Without adequate equipment, a human being wouldn’t last very long on this icy continent. Ok, the Pyramids aren’t the only thing on Antarctica, and apparently, there are more structures.

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