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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does annex wealth management offer?

In addition to its traditional investment advisory and financial planning services, Annex also has an online advisory service called Annex Ignite, which matches clients with a low-cost model portfolio. Annex Wealth Management Background Annex Wealth Management was founded in 2001.

How do I access my annex-managed account information?

Access your Annex-managed account information or securely access current or past quarterly performance reports. Login to Envestnet » Annex uses eMoney with our clients in a collaborative, interactive financial planning environment.

How much does annex charge for consulting services?

For consulting services, Annex may charge an asset-based, hourly or flat fee. Flat fees start at $1,000 and depend on the scope and duration of services. The firm will give clients a written estimate before it provides the services. The firm, in recent years, completed its transition to being a fully fee-only firm.

What is the annex charitable foundation?

The Annex Charitable Foundation provides financial support to existing charitable “difference makers.” Annex directs profits from client insurance sales to the Annex Charitable Foundation. Watch The Most Recent Week In Review.

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