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Frequently Asked Questions

Why buy a fishing vest from Amazon?

These vests from Amazon are not just about looking the part; they come with a range of features that give you easy access to bait, line, and even some snacks to stay energized. The comfort and functionality make these vests much better than a regular hoody, making it the number one fishing companion. . A classic rendition of this product.

How many pockets does a fishing vest have?

The vest doesn't skimp on fishing-specific features either, with 17 pockets including two that are waterproof and zippered. There's also a Velcro strapping system that allows you to secure your rod to your vest to free both hands when needed in the middle of a body of water.

What is a backpack-style fishing vest?

This backpack-style fishing vest incorporates a 1.5-liter reservoir into the small backpack, with the classic over-the-shoulder tube passing through plastic D-loops and stowing on the front of the vest for easy sipping on the river.

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