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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the chemical formula for aluminum chloride?

Aluminum chloride is composed of aluminum and chloride also known as aluminum trichloride or aluminum (III) chloride having the chemical formula AlCl3. It appears as white to grey powder with a pungent odor. In solution forms, it appears as a straw-colored liquid. It is mostly used in the production of aluminum metals.

What is the molar mass of aluminum chloride?

The molar mass of aluminum chloride is 133.34 g/mole. (What the heck is a mole?) A mole is a unit of measurement used by chemists. It indicates the number of atoms, ions, molecules, etc., in a given chemical sample.

What are the physical and chemical properties of aluminum chloride?

The chemical and physical properties of aluminum chloride are as follows. Aluminum chloride has a very low melting and boiling point. It sublimes at a temperature of 180°C. The color of aluminum chloride is white, but often it is contaminated with iron trichloride, which makes it yellow in color.

What are the uses of aluminum chloride?

Al­Cl₃ is used as a cat­a­lyst in or­gan­ic syn­the­sis. For in­stance, it is uti­lized in the iso­mer­iza­tion of paraf­fins, ini­ti­a­tion of alky­la­tion re­ac­tions, acy­la­tion, and the break­down of oil into frac­tions.

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