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Frequently Asked Questions

Is aluminum chloride a strong or weak electrolyte?

The compound aluminum chloride is a strong electrolyte. Is AlCl3 a strong conductor? Since solid substances and pure water don’t contain any free ions, they can’t conduct electricity individually. Since aluminum chloride disassociates into more ions than sodium chloride, AlCl3, be able to conduct more electricity What makes a strong electrolyte?

Is aluminum chloride in deodorant bad for You?

With the possibility of causing skin irritation for users with sensitive skin, the consensus answer is NO. There is no viable scientific evidence that aluminum chloride, or any aluminum salt compound used in antiperspirants, presents a threat to our health.

What is the formula for aluminium chloride?

The aluminum chloride formula is {eq}AlCl_3 {/eq}; it is composed of the metal cation aluminum and the nonmetal anion chloride. Aluminum has three valence electrons which it donates to chlorine.

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