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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the equation of aluminium chloride?

Aluminum chloride is an ionic compound that is used as a catalyst in various chemical reactions, including -ene reactions, Gatterman-Koch and Friedel-Crafts reactions. The aluminum chloride formula is {eq}AlCl_3 {/eq}; it is composed of the metal cation aluminum and the nonmetal anion chloride.

Is aluminum chloride an ionic compound or a covalent compound?

Originally Answered: Why Aluminum Chloride (AlCl3) is a covalant compound and not a ionic compound? No compound is purely ionic or purely covalent. AlCl3 has more covalent characters. High positive charge, Al3+ has it. Small cation, Yup, no problem with that. It has more polarising power, which is the same point in the other way.

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