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Frequently Asked Questions

What are AJPW Birthday items?

(Error Code: 244000) The AJPW Birthday Items are den and clothing items that are released during August yearly. They are available through limited-time codes, besides the 1st Birthday Cake, which was given to players playing in August of 2016. The 5th Birthday Cake is a reward for logging in for 15 days in August 2020 and from the code.

What does AJP stand for?

All Japan Pro Wrestling (オールジャパン・プロレスリング, Ōru Japan Puroresuringu, originally 全日本プロレス Zen Nihon Puroresu) ( AJPW / AJP) or simply All Japan is a Japanese professional wrestling promotion established on October 21, 1972 when Giant Baba split away from the Japanese Wrestling Association and created his own promotion.

What happened to AJPW in the 1990s?

As the 1990s began, aging stars gave way to a younger generation including Mitsuharu Misawa, "Dr. Death" Steve Williams, Kenta Kobashi, Gary Albright, Toshiaki Kawada, Mike Barton (Bart Gunn), Akira Taue and Jun Akiyama, leading to perhaps AJPW's most profitable period in the 1990s. In 1999, Giant Baba died and the promotion was run by Motoko Baba.

What is the reward code for AJPW?

Giveaway Codes Code Reward AJPW Reward AJ NGKAJ18 500 Gems 500 Gems alphapower Greely's Set Call of the Alphas Book riddlethis 750 Gems The Phantoms' Secret Book powerbackpack Panda Power Backpack Panda Power Backpack 48 more rows ...

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