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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free aimbot?

As said, aimbots are among the most difficult and misused game hacks, hence it's rare to locate real free aimbots online. Due to the popularity and power of the software, a free version would be prohibited almost immediately, forcing the developer to change it to remain undiscovered.

What's the best way to make the aimbot less dangerous?

Silent Aim (masks pointing movement, gun shoots in 'wrong direction' but still hits, you don't need to aim) Limits for aiming angle, speed, delay, smoothness, etc (this is to mask the aimbot use and make it less easily detectable by people watching you, make the aiming process seem more natural, human and insuspicious) Through-the-wall shooting.

How do I install the fivem trainer?

Installation. How to install the FiveM trainer: Download the mod menu above. Inside your /fivem/fivem application data/ folder, create a plugins folder. Move the ‘ModMenu.asi’ file to: /fivem/fivem application data/plugins/. Move the ‘lm-config.xml’ file to: /fivem/fivem application data/.

Are fivem cheats reliable?

These cheats are reliable and are used by every class of gamers, from beginners to professional players. FiveM cheats are one of the best options for a gamer due to their features and ease of use. Once you have it, you can redefine your gaming experience and become the best in multiplayer missions.

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