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Frequently Asked Questions

How to photograph an African safari?

How To Photograph Your African SafariThe Gear. Make sure you have something that has fast shutter speed. ...Have a Universal Adapter! This is the one thing I didn’t buy before I left and wished I had the whole time! ...Bring a Rain Cover. ...Flash. ...Tripods vs. ...The Taking of the Photos. ...Practice Using Your Gear. ...Practice Photographing Moving Targets. ...Shoot at High Shutter Speed. ...Film Speed. ...More items...

When to go on an African safari?

When to go on safari in South AfricaKruger National Park. The Kruger National Park is a great year-round destination with a wet season and a dry season each offering a unique safari experience.Sabi Sands. Best time for wildlife viewing: We recommend May to September which is the dry season. ...KwaZulu Natal. ...Eastern Cape. ...Garden Route. ...

What parts of Africa are great to go on safari?

Whilst it’s hard to look past the Maasai Mara, there are other great parks in Kenya:In Amboseli you can watch the Big Five against the backdrop of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain.Lake Nakuru is a very different experience to most others in this article. ...Meru National Park is full of wildlife, thanks to some of the highest rainfall in the country. ...

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