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Frequently Asked Questions

What would a topographical map of Africa show?

The 1:50 000 topographical maps are the largest maps providing full coverage of South Africa. The series consists of a total of 1 913 sheets. They accurately depict the location of natural and man-made features by means of symbols and colour, and elevation by means of spot-heights and contours (20m interval).

What are the five geographic regions of Africa?

The five regions of Africa are Northern Africa, Western Africa, Middle (Central) Africa, Eastern Africa and Southern Africa. Each individual region is categorized directionally, by cardinal (compass) direction.

Where is Timbuktu on a map of Africa?

Timbuktu is located on the southern edge of the sahara 15 km 9 mi north of the main channel of the river niger. Map of where is timbuktu located on the map djenné great mosque restoration map of mali showing map located the is of map where timbuktu on.

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