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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of signing into my Aetna member account?

Through your Aetna® member account you can manage claims, view plan details and more. Members with Aetna Medicare SilverScript prescription drug plans can log in or register for an account below.

How do I sign in to Aetna?

Open the Aetna login URL in a web browser. Enter your added “Username” and “Password” in the space provided. Click the Secure Connection button. To access your Aetna Medicare account, you will need a laptop, desktop computer, or smartphone. A stable internet connection is required to log into your account and browse online.

How do I contact Aetna Member Services?

1-800-US-AETNA ( 1-800-872-3862) (TTY: 711) between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM ET. This is the phone number for the Corporate Contact Center. They do not have access to member accounts but they can provide Aetna Member Services contact information. For your convenience, we recommend that you add your Member Services number to your phone contacts.

What kind of insurance does Aetna offer?

At this time, Aetna offers Medicare, Medicaid, student health insurance, and international insurance. For individual and family plans, they offer plans through eHealth, which compares rates from several companies for the Affordable Care Act plans, short-term plans, and medical indemnity plans.

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