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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you verify your address?

There are 4 simple and free ways you can verify your address: An automated voice call to your home phone number as listed in the White Pages. An instant verification using your browser's geo-location. A letter sent to your home by post. Upload a proof of address document that matches the name and address of your Nabo account.

What does address verification service mean?

Address Verification Service, also known as AVS, is a security measure that is used to prevent fraudulent transactions on any debit or credit card. As the name suggests, Address Verification Service is based on the verification of the address of the card holder.

What is a verification of address?

Address verification is a verification process which is often used by authorities, employers, lenders, and even mortgage providers to assure that a client is truly a residence of the location that he stated on a membership registration or in an application form. An address verification form is a document which highly coordinates with this process.

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