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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a 55+ community in San Diego?

The San Diego area is home to a wide range of active adult communities, ranging from quaint 150-home communities to the larger, more luxurious communities with over 1,000 homes. Those seeking a 55+ community in the San Diego area will delight in the year-round climate, cultural attractions, and the recreational opportunities that the region offers.

Is there affordable housing for active adults in San Diego?

Though home prices had once set this retirement dream beyond the means of many active adults, there are several active adult communities in the San Diego area that offer affordable housing.

What are the best retirement communities in San Diego?

La Vida Real is one of the most luxurious retirement communities in San Diego that features vibrant Spanish-village architecture and interior design. Enjoy the good life within the community through its: 2. Canyon Villas Canyon Villas is your “home away from home.

Are there 55+ condos and townhomes in San Diego?

Don't waste time doing the lawn and fixing the house when you could be out having fun! These 55+ Condos and Townhomes in the San Diego are easy care, with much of the outside handled by the HOA. But what makes some of these communities different than a regular condo development is the range of services and activities at your fingertips!

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