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Frequently Asked Questions

Are things expensive in Accra Ghana?

We all feel the cost of living in Accra. Things are expensive, especially if you’re a youth. The things that we spend on: food, transportation and having an active social life keep getting more and more ridiculously priced. It makes you wonder if things are the same everywhere. Well, the answer is no.

Is there a Walmart in Accra Ghana?

Wal-Mart bought a South African company with retail throughout Africa called Massmart. DAO above has given you the details. That's as far as Wal-Mart has gone as of yet. In essence there is no Wal-Mart in Ghana......yet. Hello Emmanuel, and welcome to VT........d:o)

Is Marriott building a hotel in Accra Ghana?

Please see our partners for more details. Accra Marriott Hotel is a new 5-star luxury hotel in Accra, Ghana located opposite Kotoka International Airport in the heart of Airport City. We offer easy access to major corporations and we provide well-appointed guest rooms.

What is the religious preference in Accra Ghana?

Christian influence is most dominant in the southern part of the country, while Islam is strongest in the extreme north and in the larger urban centres, which contain some immigrant populations from Muslim regions of western Africa.

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