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Frequently Asked Questions

How does YouTube YouTube YouTube work accessibility on Android?

The YouTube Android app works with Android’s accessibility features. Android gives accessibility support for blind and low vision users with the TalkBack, and special accessibility features. Visit the Android Accessibility Help Center to learn more, including how to turn on these settings.

What information is required for my accessibility statement?

None of the fields are required. None of the information you enter is stored outside your web browser. In this section you can provide the minimal set of information recommended for your accessibility statement. This includes information about your organization, the accessibility standards you applied, and your contact information for feedback.

How do I turn off accessibility on YouTube?

You can turn this accessibility setting off on your Android device, or within the YouTube app. Go to your Android device Settings . Tap Accessibility. Select the relevant accessibility option. Select Off. At the top of the app, tap your profile picture . Select Settings .

Why do we have policies on YouTube?

Viewers and Creators around the world use YouTube to express their ideas and opinions freely, and we believe that a broad range of perspectives ultimately makes us a stronger and more informed society, even if we disagree with some of those views. That's why we have policies to help build a safer community.

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