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Frequently Asked Questions

What is access Indiana and how does it work?

Access Indiana is a portal that allows citizens to use one login and one password (single sign-on) to access multiple services from the State of Indiana. The login is a safe and secure way to easily sign-in to a variety of applications. There will be a growing catalog of services that use Access Indiana as the login.

How do I sign up for an access Indiana account?

Click on the gold-color Sign Up for Access Indiana. Button is located under the text 'Don't have an account?' on the left side of the page. Enter your personal or business email address. Click Send Verification Code to continue. Do not use a temporary email address. This should be an email address you will always have access to.

How do I verify my email address with access Indiana?

This should be an email address you will always have access to. Open a new browser tab or window to check your email for a message with the subject of Access Indiana Email Verification. Copy or write down the verification code.

What is successsuccessful access Indiana authentications?

Successful Access Indiana authentications allows the agency to redeem bearer tokens for user claims and scopes as defined in the well-known end point. To register your client application with Access Indiana, please submit the above criteria on the following online form.

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