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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a study loan from Absa?

Applying for a study loan from ABSA will require you to have some documentation on hand. This makes the process smooth and painless. You will need proof of your study costs for the year. These include: Any devices needed to assist your studies. Accommodation costs. All costs for textbooks. Tuition fees for the year.

What documents do I need to apply for ABSA loans?

There are certain documents that anyone who wishes to apply for ABSA loans must possess. These documents are listed below: You must earn a minimum income of R3 000 on a monthly basis. You need to produce your payslips or bank statements for the last three months. A valid South African identification document or Smart card is required.

How to apply for a student loan?

You can apply for the student loan that you need by visiting your nearest branch with all your documents. You may also make use of the ABSA student bureau or dial the number to speak to a consultant. When there is a trusted financial institution that can assist you in reaching your dreams, there is no need to fear the future.

Is ABSA a trusted lender for student loans?

It's comforting to know at a time when most needed, there's a trusted lender that can help. For everything finance-related, including student loans, ABSA will stay true to its founding promise to assist people financially when needed. Striving to build a better future for all.

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