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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Sony zv-1?

The ZV-1 is Sony’s first compact camera with a side-opening Vari-angle LCD screen, making it easier to compose your shots in selfie mode while connecting external audio accessories. To meet any video need, the ZV-1 contains advanced video features including 4K movie recording and in-body image stabilization.

What's the difference between a zv-1 and a zv-1f?

The ZV-1F is the company's second vlogging camera to be built around a Type 1 sensor but uses a wide-angle, 20mm equivalent, prime lens rather than the 24-70mm equiv zoom on the ZV-1. Despite the significantly lower price, the ZV-1F can shoot 4K video at up to 30p using the full width of its sensor.

What is the ISO range of the zv-1f?

The 20.1MP sensor has a native ISO range of 125-12,800, which can be expanded for still images down to ISO 80. Eye AF also supports animals for still photography, although that doesn't work in video. Further, the ZV-1F doesn't record raw images. The ZV-1 records raw images. By the way, the ZV-1's native ISO starts at ISO 100, not 125.

How does the zv-1f reduce its environmental impact?

The ZV-1F uses SORPLAS on the camera body to reduce its environmental impact. To eliminate our use of plastic in packaging, we’re now using plant-based non-woven fabric or paper bags to wrap our products while maintaining the protective and high cushioning properties of plastic.

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