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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ott and OTT streaming?

OTT is a service that is showcased across varied platforms, devices, or locations, etc via internet-enabled OTT streaming. The advent technology of live video streaming, on demand streaming is seamlessly integrated into the custom-built OTT software solution. Want to start your first OTT business? You have landed in the right place.

What is Quickplay OTT video platform?

QuickPlay’s OTT video platform is based on an open modular architecture & is market-ready for deployment in IPTV Set Top Boxes and OTT devices with uniform user experience. The key unique selling points of Quickplay include live & VoD ingest, live sports streaming, cross-platform viewing, workflow management etc.

Why Dalet - OTT video delivery solution?

#5 Dalet - OTT Video Delivery Solution 1 Facilitate UX with well-known E-commerce Payment Gateways 2 Create Flexible Hosting Integrations via OTT platform providers 3 Deliver videos with swift transcoding advanced OTT software More ...

What is OTT content management system?

It has a dedicated OTT content management system for managing video content with metadata, asset management and geo-blocking. Zebra OTT delivers simpler IPTV and OTT solutions categorized with superior usability, flexibility, scalability and cost-efficiency.

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