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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 36000 BTU mini split air conditioner or heat pump?

The system is also relatively easy to maintain and requires minimal upkeep. If a part needs replacing, it can typically be done without any professional help. A 36000 btu mini split air conditioner or heat pump is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an energy-efficient climate control solution that won't break their budget.

How many zones can a ductless mini split control?

In that way, a ductless mini split 36,000 BTU system can provide climate control for up to four zones, each zone independent of the others. Installation is much easier and much less expensive with a mini split system, and our prices are the best you’ll find online.

What is a senville 36000btu dual zone ductless air conditioner?

This 36000BTU Dual Zone Ductless Air Conditioner by Senville is one of the most advanced and high-end split units on the market. Providing you with a variety of features including, SEER 22.5, with Air Conditioner & Heat Pump, Turbo Mode, Ionizing Air Filter, Dehumidification, Timer Function, Follow Me Function and much more.

What is a 36k 230V mini split system?

This 36K 230V mini split system with air handler, condensing section, and 16-foot line set includes the necessary indoor and outdoor components and piping line set.

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