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Frequently Asked Questions

Why college isn't worth it?

3 Reasons Why College Is Not Worth It 1. You Likely Will Graduate With Student Loan Debt. Because college costs have increased so much, it’s unlikely that... 2. High-Paying Jobs Aren’t Guaranteed. While a college degree is often promoted as a path to prosperity, it can be... 3. It Can Take More Than ...

Is College still worth it?

The answer is still “yes,” and a resounding “yes” for low-income students. Here are just a few reasons to believe in the value of a college degree: Higher salaries, employment rates and greater job satisfaction. Better health outcomes and greater life expectancy. Greater job safety.

Is going to college and getting a degree worth it?

This can be true as long as you combine that hope with hard work and pay for it without loans. So, yes, college can be worth it if you can cash flow it! There are a lot of careers where a college education is required or will improve your chances for promotion. When you pursue a college degree, do just that.

Why isn't College worth it?

People who argue that college is not worth it contend that the debt from college loans is too high and delays graduates from saving for retirement, buying a house, or getting married. They say many successful people never graduated from college and that many jobs, especially trades jobs, do not require college degrees.

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