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Frequently Asked Questions

Who lives in ZIP code 23608?

The people living in ZIP code 23608 are primarily black or African American. The number of people in their late 20s to early 40s is extremely large while the number of young adults is large.

What churches are in ZIP code 23608?

Churches in zip code 23608 include: Denbigh Church (A), New Beach Grove Church (B), Saint George Church (C), Stevens Church (D), Calvary Chapel of Newport News (E), Transformation Worship Center (F), City Life Church (G), Congregation Zion's Sake Messianic Synagogue (H), Asbury Church (I). Display/hide their locations on the map

What is the ZIP code for Newport News Va real estate?

Prices for rental property include ZIP code 23608 apartments, townhouses, and homes that are primary residences. For more information, see Newport News, VA real estate. The median household income of $55,319 is compared to the rest of the country. It is also compared to nearby ZIP codes.

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